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Kronos is Holmfirth High School’s own confidential Support and Counselling Service. Over the last eight years it has developed into an important part of the school’s pastoral system, diversifying into three main areas outlined below. Sharing Memories will contribute to this project individually or in small groups using their wide range of skills and interests as a means of building relationships with the young people who attend Kronos.


offers one to one confidential sessions of support and counselling, usually for a specific length of time, for individual students to work through a specific area of concern.


gives students an opportunity to develop confidence and self esteem by exploring life skills in the bungalow kitchen and on the organic garden project. Through working as part of a small team, and aquiring new practical skills, students are given a chance to become more self aware and independent.


offers small group meetings facilitated by two staff members, to explore feelings, responses and issues of concern to students. Through a structured and focussed approach students can explore their feelings in a safe and positive atmosphere.

Kronos Projects
Thursday, 18 June 2009

ImageWe have worked with the Kronos project at the high School for several years now. A small group of students have visited us when we were working on our Talking Books and Portrait projects in the summer of 2008 and particiapted in the process.

In 2009 students were involved in other asects of our work including the Vocalise project at Lydgate school and the Scrapbook story project. They are currently working on our Pennine Landscapes Project which will culminate in an exhibition in July 2010 as part of Holmfirth Artweek.

Kronos Project with Holmfirth High School
Thursday, 03 April 2008

We have begun to work at the Kronos project. This is where individual members of Sharing Memories attend Kronos independently of the Thursday Group sessions. 

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Different elements of Sharing Memories activity were funded by :
Heritage Lottery Funded
Arts Coucil Lottery Funded

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