Holmfirth High School

Working with Steve Beardsall and Rob Samphire in the History Department is a new development for the group. The Department approached Sharing Memories with knowledge of our work at the High School Drama Department as they felt Sharing Memories experiences could help bring the local history aspect of the module alive.

Woollen Mills History Project
Friday, 09 March 2007

ImageIn the Autumn term of 2006 for the local history component Sharing Memories worked with pupils to help them research the history of the woollen industry and its impact on the growth and development of the Holme Valley. Sharing Memories were ‘guest speakers’ and pupils composed a questionnaire and conducted interviews with the group on their personal experiences of working in the woollen mills. 

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Different elements of Sharing Memories activity were funded by :
Heritage Lottery Funded
Arts Coucil Lottery Funded

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